Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 months. August 2012

I tried to edit these photos to show off more of Georgiana's personality. She's always on the go and she follows me all over the house. If I walk into a room and she looks confused on where I went, I just peek my head around the corner and say, "Come on honey" and she starts crawling vigorously to where I am. She loves to be played with and especially likes torture chamber (tickling), being thrown up and down, hanging upside down and dancing around the house with Mommy. 

 (Below: Feeding herself like big girl)

(Below: My future photo assistant! My friend made the onsie for cute!)
(Below: Cute bee-girl)

Visit to Gma & Gpa's new house ;) August 2012

Michael (not pictured) took a visit to see Gma & Gpa's new place. It was very lovely and a great fit for them I think. Georgiana had a very nice time trying to beep Grandpa's button on his scooter. On another occasion I went over by myself and had a wonderful lunch and a nice visit outside on their patio. The retirement home is great and I hope to go again soon!

July 2012. 8 Months

Georgiana is a very busy girl these days. She spends her time crawling around and exploring the four corners of the house. She is in charge of the shoes. She is also the Queen of the Fuzzy Heads. We love her.

Gigi's 1st Trip to Disneyland (catch up post)

Okay, so this trip happened in May but I thought I'd post it anyway. We had a great first visit to Disneyland and Georgiana was only 6 months old! We are totally those weird parents that do things with their kids WAY too early for them to know what's going on. But the thing we like is that Disneyland is family friendly so we can have a day away from work and not be worrying about bugging all the people around us with our baby. We dressed her up like a ballerina and it was a big hit (with us anyway...haha) 

 (this was taken at the carnation plaza)

 (Taken in Mickey's House in Toon Town)
(Taken in car seat near splash mountain ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Harvey Cusworth Art Show & Sam/Milo Party

I think everyone can agree that Dad's art show was a huge success as was Sam's Birthday/Milo's Baby Shower! (We were definitely cramming a lot into this weekend, no?)

The man of the hour

Shawn chatting it up with the park ranger. I thought this was such a funny little scene I had to include it. haha!

 Even Uncle Norm & Aunt Kathy Made it down!

And the party begins...

The quiet before the storm...Kermit did lose an eye shortly after this was taken..

 I'll let these photos speak for themselves...

Cousins! Born only two weeks apart (but were SUPPOSE to be 2 MONTHS apart... ;)

Daddy & Daughter

Georgiana 6-7 Months

The photo below is a typical view of Georgiana's life. She likes to sit in her bumbo and play with her pig. :) She has also been recently called Queen of the Fuzzy Heads because her hair is growing in fuzzily. The other photos of her in her bassinet are a typical view of what she looks like after she's taken a nap and is waiting for me to come get her. I love getting hear after night time or nap time because she always gives me the biggest smiles when she see's me. :)